Mike Folino

"Over the last 20 years I have been proud to call Star Goalkeeper Academy my home.  Star Goalkeeper Academy is more then a soccer camp, it is my life.  I apply the concepts that I have learned throughout my tenure to my everyday living.  When you join the Star Goalkeeper Academy family you do so for eternity.  Dan Gaspar has truly developed something special.  It is without hesitation or reservation that I endorse and promote the Star Goalkeeper Academy program.  These methods have been tested and executed on the Soccer World's biggest stage. Don't miss this opportunity.  Hope to see you on the pitch soon!"

“Dan is by far the best goalkeeper mind that this country has ever produced!  SGA is the most comprehensive goalkeeper program that you can find and I cannot recommend it enough.  The care and attention to detail that Dan and his staff have for every player involved is incredible!  Every time I work with Dan and SGA, I continue to grow and learn…a truly incredible program”

Todd Hoffard


Christian Benjamin

"SGA is one of those “have to experience it to believe it” environments. The energy at each camp from youth goalkeeper to director is inspiring and infectious.  The SGA method draws the very best out of goalkeepers empowering goalkeepers to find their personal best and build confidence.  From campers to staff SGA is a family."


"Dan Gaspar brings the same level of detail and enthusiasm to each of his SGA camp session as he does with his keepers preparing for a World Cup. Dan is a master motivator! My experiences as a goalkeeper, with SGA and Dan helped me start Keeperstop.com. Dan is a friend and mentor"

Ed Brown 

"As a former professional player, and a coach of over twenty years of professional, college/university, and club goalkeepers, I have seen many different goalkeeping training programs/camps. What makes SGA special is there commitment to each individual and their own personal development. Yes, SGA is excellent at teaching the technical, tactical and physical aspects of goalkeeping, but where they set themselves apart is their desire to take time and apply their expertise to make every keeper their best. Goalkeepers are special and require special instruction and understanding. SGA doesn't mass-produce instruction like so many do. They apply their experience and expertise to each keeper. Look at the depth of the evaluations. Observe the detail of the personal instruction each keeper receives. See the concern the staff takes in each keeper's playing situation and background. SGA stands alone in a crowded group because of this. Like their founder Dan Gaspar's desire for excellence, there is no surprise why SGA is where it is at the top"

Aaron Hyde 

"I only have to look at my own personal coaching career which has two key components in it which are Dan Gaspar & SGA. Dan gave me the opportunity to not only learn from him first hand ways of effective coaching but to also see him live in action in some of Europe’s elite teams such as FC Porto, Sporting Lisbon and Benfica.  He has also worked with Portugal, South Africa and Iran National Teams. SGA is just an extension of Dan, the training and environment created at the camps are second to none, and foster nothing but great experiences for any goalkeeper aspiring to push themselves further!"

Ryan Carr

"Dan Gaspar and SGA's methods are second to none.  The methods taught by Dan and SGA bring out the best physical performances in any goalkeeper.  Equally important, SGA teaches the mental skills needed for goalkeepers to find success in a pressure filled position.  The training arena created by Dan is one that fosters confidence, positive self-talk, and creates relationships among fellow goalkeepers that last a lifetime.  If you are looking to get the total edge as a goalkeeper look no further than Dan Gaspar and SGA"

Per Henrikson 

"Dan Gaspar is one of the greatest goalkeeper coaches worldwide, his quality training and comprehensive methods of teaching make Star Goalkeeper Academy the best goalkeeper education program in the USA and North America"

Mirza Harambasic 

Aaron Ingham

"Coach Gaspar's passion and understanding of the goalkeeping position and game of football is what drives Star Goalkeeper Academy and its staff forward. This, in turn, inspires the entire SGA staff to provide campers with the highest level of training and to inspire future generations of goalkeepers. The knowledge and expertise of all staff members and Coach Gaspar ensures that all SGA campers get the best possible goalkeeper training"

I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know that you are an inspiration to me and my dream. I Started my own goalkeeper academy in south Florida over 3 years ago and I have built it up to a company with 4 other goalkeeper coaches. I always look to you for guidance and how to teach proper technique. I just wanted to let you know to keep up the good work and If you ever want to team up on a project in the south Florida area, I would love the opportunity to work with you.

Matt Glaeser

My time spent with Dan Gaspar  and Star Goalkeeper Academy has been extremely influential  for me as both a player and coach.  SGA's  teaching methodology is always at the forefront of goalkeeper development and I am grateful for all  the knowledge and experience gained from the program."

What the Pro's have to say about SGA

Tim Howard

I experienced Dan Gaspar first hand when I was with the US-17 National Team. Believe me, his methods are unique, innovative, and productive for all goalkeepers of any age or skill.

Vitor Baia

Dan Gaspar prepared and helped me face any challenge during World Cup competition. The best compliment I can give is that I now use the SGA methods in my personal training.”

Brad Friedel

Zach Thorton

Bo Oshniyi

Walter Zenga

Kim Maslin

As an International and US Team Keeper, It’s important that I be associated with the highest in quality goalkeeper education. That is why I fully endorse SGA

Dan Gaspar’s training is mentally and physically challenging. The SGA methods are very unique, like no other. It’s a delicate balance of testing ones limits as well as fun. It has helped me !

SGA is an awesome experience. You can count on the SGA top quality staff. They’re great! I want to thank Dan Gaspar for the opportunity to learn from his unique SGA training methods.

It was an exciting experience attending SGA. It was one of my highlights in the US! It’s amazing what the goalkeepers learn at SGA and I hope they continue to follow the SGA professional training methods.

Hi Danny!  I loved training with you!  You were the most inspiring Coach I had ever had.  You had a magical way of lifting us up as players and getting the most out of us that we had.  Great memories, miss your spunk my friend all my best always!